CallMenu Configuration transfer extern number

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CallMenu Configuration transfer extern number

Postby llombardi » Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:35 am

I have Callmenu configurated that active when after time. But, i want transfer to extern number.
The option EXTENSION, required EXTENSION and Context.
My EXTENSION is 937505964, and Context??? Callmenu dont use symbol in the context.

I want transfer extern number (937505964) using callmenu.

Please help me.

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Re: CallMenu Configuration transfer extern number

Postby williamconley » Fri Jan 24, 2020 1:24 pm

Quick reply: context=default, extension must match one of your carrier dialplan entries. If that includes a country or long distance code/prefix, you must include that in addition to the number to match the dialplan. In the US, for instance, I would enter "913522690000" where 9 is the dial prefix (used to select the carrier) and 1 is the domestic long distance code, and 3522690000 is the actual 10 digit US phone number. Our dialplan pattern for US numbers is "_91NXXNXXXXXX". Note the 9 and 1 hard-coded into the pattern.

Full response:

1) Please remember to include your installer with full version information in your post or footer. It helps.

2) This is not actually a "goautodial" question. Goautodial is merely the "installer" for Vicidial. This was a Vicidial Support question, unrelated to the installer. I'll move the post to the Support board accordingly.

3) There is more in-depth information regarding the call menu configuration options in the Vicidial Manager's Manual which is available in both Free and Paid versions on's store.

Happy Hunting! 8-)
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